Welcome to the website of Sfagia Almopias S.A. with the commercial title Agroktima Foustanis

Our site is here to provide you with information about our company and our products. In our pages you will find useful information about the company and how to contact us as well as the distribution points for our products. Do not hesitate to contact us for any further information or inquiry. Enjoy your browsing!

A few words about us

Our company “Sfagia Almopias S.A.” (Almopia’s Slaughterhouse), with the trade name “Agroktima Foustanis” (Foustani’s Farm), was founded in 1997 in Foustani county of Almopia, part of Pella prefecture (region Natura 2000) at the foot of mountain Jenna with its prime activity originally being to slaughter livestock. We then got actively involved in the field of meat packing and meat-based products, investing heavily in modern facilities and state-of-the-art machinery. Ever since our inception we have always moved forward with a view to safeguarding the environment and public health, so that today we are a fully integrated unit, 100% in line with the Greek and European legislation.

Why this area?

The district Foustani Almopia of Pella is one of the largest and richest livestock farming places in Greece. With more than 1,200 farms and 200,000 animals in the region, Almopia is famous for its superior taste and quality of meat produced. Choosing Foustani Almopia as the base of our operations since the establishment of our company in 1997 to date, we actively support the Greek farmer and the Greek meat, leveraging the development of the regional economy.

The underlying philosophy and utmost goal of our company is the production and distribution of high quality and hygienic meat and meat-based products. With our modern manufacturing and industrial facilities, experienced staff, and our excellent reputation for quality, our company never ceases to follow the developments and modernize its processes.