CASH® Special Betäubungsgerät

The Frontmatec Accles & Shelvoke CASH® Special is a cartridge powered captive bolt stunning tool suitable for use on all animals. The ergonomically designed pistol shaped tool uses cartridge to fire a penetrating captive bolt, rendering the animal insensitive to pain prior to the slaughtering process. It has an ergonomic and easy to use design, with the pistol grip and trigger operated firing mechanism maximising comfort. Two positive actions are required to cock the tool to increase safety, and automatic bolt return increases speed of operation. For the correct operation of the CASH® Special, only the manufacturer’s cartridges should be used.

The CASH® Special stunner range is manufactured in the UK since 1981, following a long line of pistol shaped tools, using the finest materials, highest standards and most precise tolerances to a design proven over many years. The results are incredibly dependable and tough stunners that is trusted by meat processors around the world.

Our company can certify the correct operation of the CASH® stunning tools range using Frontmatec Accles & Shelvoke’s Universal Stun Check.



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Accles & Shelvoke CASH® Special – Usage and Maintenance Training Video