Covid19 Update

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Our company pays special attention to the health and safety of its employees, partners and customers, follows the guidelines of the World Health Organization and complies with all applicable national regulations, constantly taking measures to reduce the risk of  transmission and dissemination of the novel coronavirus COVID-19.

There is a constant disinfection in the offices and in the production and storage areas and the crowding of the workers who receive all the provided means of personal protection and hygiene is minimized. Any receipt or sending of materials and correspondence is done at a specific point at the entrance of our facilities. At the same time, our drivers comply with the rules of entry to the customer base, maintaining the prescribed distances and taking all the prescribed means of personal protection and hygiene.

Our company does not face any issues in its operation due to COVID-19. We work to provide the best possible services, aiming at the seamless supply of our customers and the smooth operation of our slaughterhouse. Thank you for your support in implementing these measures.

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