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In our Blog and also in our Facebook page you can be informed about our latest news and the recipes suggested by our Chefs to enjoy all our products to the fullest! Do not hesitate to contact...

New Store in Skydra

Ιn our new store, Meg. Alexandrou 14 in Skydra, you will find the wide variety of meat products we have available.

New Store in Aridea

Ιn our new store, Olympiados 11 in Aridaia, you will find the wide variety of meat products we have available.

39 Food Producers Recommend Almopia!

The producers of packaged food of Almopia join forces to bring you every month the basket of Almopia at your door as well as #AlmopiaExperience! Follow us and something beautiful is coming soon...

Foustani’s Farm has turned 25!

Our company Sfagia Almopias S.A. (Almopia’s Abattoirs S.A.), with the trade name Agroktima Foustanis (Foustani’s Farm), was founded in 1997 in Foustani county of Almopia (region Natura 2000),...

Tasting of our products in Stuttgart

On Saturday 11/14/2020 we invite you to the tasting day of our products at Manna Lebensmittel in Stuttgart. We will be happy to welcome you with warm coals and a pleasant mood. Find Manna Lebensmittel...

Company operation

Our company is intensifying the protection measures it has already taken for the novel coronavirus COVID-19 after the decision was taken by the G.S.C.P. to quarantine the neighboring village of...

Covid19 Update

Our company pays special attention to the health and safety of its employees, partners and customers, follows the guidelines of the World Health Organization and complies with all applicable national...
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