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Welcome to our Blog!

In our Blog and also in our Facebook page you can be informed about our latest news and the recipes suggested by our Chefs Theo Kouratzoglou and Stathis Lazaridis, members of the Chef’s...

Company operation

Our company is intensifying the protection measures it has already taken for the novel coronavirus COVID-19 after the decision was taken by the G.S.C.P. to quarantine the neighboring village of...

We stay home – Covid19

Our company pays special attention to the health and safety of its employees, partners and customers, follows the guidelines of the World Health Organization and complies with all applicable national...

Tasting of our products in Thessaloniki

On “tsiknopempti” 28-2-19 we held a tasting event at Byzance Epicerie Fine in Thessaloniki city center. The coals were warm, the music was carnavalic and the crowd tasted delicious...

Tasting of our products in Giannitsa

On New Year’s Eve 31-12-18 we held a tasting event at Tombanis Delicatessen in Giannitsa. The coals were warm, the music was rhythmic and the crowd tasted delicious dishes! See you soon...
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